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Teleflora Flowers Complaint - Valentines Day complaints
Teleflora Flowers Complaint

Teleflora Flowers Complaint


Valentines Day complaints

Call someone who gives a damn, Teleflora doesn't. If you have an important date that require flowers, use someone who cares Teleflora doesn't. What a good customer service that speaks English, Teleflora doesn't

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ariel103 says: (5 years ago)
I think they are just a telephone service to a local florist to try to get them to deliver the flower order. They take a cut of 20% off the top and then send the rest of the money and the order to the local florist to fill and deliver. So the question is, who was the local florist who dropped the ball? The other thing is, they show pictures and you select a picture of an arrangement you want to buy that is so beautiful, then after you pay the $150 for the breathtakingly beautiful arrangement that represents how you feel about that person or that event, the very small print at the bottom of the e-mail receipt says, "Substitutions of equal quality, color, and value will be made of the exact flowers are not available." Always e-mail the florist and ask for a photo of the substitution. Recently, I paid for roses and some other plants and got azaleas---not exactly comparable quality nor was it anywhere near the same color scheme or arrangement. It was slung together and very upsetting. Considering that people go to great expense for once in a life time events such as marriages, deaths, anniversaries, proms, etc, that you want to be very special, you would not think a florist would stoop so low as to bait and switch such low quality flowers for something like roses. But the one I dealt with did. If I tried that in my business, I probably would be severely punished or fined or put out of business. I thought false advertising was a crime. On the website, it said to select a second choice---yet, there was no place to make a second selection. It was kind of like going on Match dot com and choosing Tom Cruise for your date and having Gomer Pyle show up at the door. Worse than that, the florist told me she NEVER had the flowers advertised because they were not in season, yet she continued to display them on the website and sell them as if she did. IN this day and age of technology and phones with cameras---saying you are not able to show what you do and do not have is no excuse. We all have the ability to take a picture of a plant and download it if we have phone and a computer or a local walmart. This telefloral dealer was right across from a Sam's club. She could have bought a bunch of roses if she did not have them. She just wanted to stick some azaleas in a basket and pocket the $103. I asked her why not just grab some sticks and leaves and shove those in the basket if she is not going to honor what the customer wants at all? If there is no standard of sticking to a theme or color or arrangement type or anything----why bother? Or just steal the money and don't deliver flowers at all. I don't see the difference when you deliberately advertise flowers you know you don't have and switch cheaper plants and leaves for what the customer paid for so you can get a higher profit margin. In most industries that is illegal. The only remedy I can see is to either send the person the money and a card and ask them to buy their own gift or just buy your own flowers and deliver them yourself. I think some florists are unscrupulous and think you will never find out.

tawanda says: (8 years ago)
For the second time in a row, Teleflora did not only fail to deliver my order but also, they send me a message confirming the delivery when it was not true. They lie. Their customer service is the worst of the worst unless you would like to wait 45 minutes and then be hang up. Never again Tele-failure.

gaazk says: (8 years ago)
Teleflora should not be in bussiness, My husband ordered flowers to be delievered at my work for Valentines day, he actually paid extra 25 dollars to be delievered before noon on feb 14 2011. Guess what its feb 15 noon and i still yet have to recieve the flowers.. :( this company sucks they only know how to take your money and not deliver... My husband paid over 150 dollars... they just ruined the most important day and the funny thing is they won't tell you what is going on? or will the flower be delivered ?? this company should go down. Never ordere anything from them they are in busniness to ruin your special occasions..

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